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There is no surprise that these texts have deal mostly with the materialistic aspect of human life and paying less attention to astrological yogas for spirituality.

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Only some hints about the spiritual evolution of a native have been given here and there in some verses in the form of very few astrological combinations. This is the case with almost every classical text of Hindu astrology which gives more value to the worldly aspects of human life leaving or perhaps deliberately hiding the area of spiritual growth which is the most important part to judge in a horoscope. It could be for the reason that the combinations of spirituality in a horoscope would have been kept secret by the sages or may be it would have been taught to few deserving disciples only.

Spiritual astrology has been the most neglected and secretive part of Hindu astrology which had remains only in the traditions not coming out in public domain. Before I go more into this subject let me give some of the classical combination of spirituality given by Sage Parashara and Acharya Varahamihira in their texts. Those yogas may also be taken into account using them liberally to judge the spiritual inclination in a horoscope. My astrology teacher Shri K. He has Venus in the ascendant along with Mars which is the lord of his Navamsha lagna which is Aries.

Transit MOON in Aspects to Natal SATURN

Venus in the lagan in its own sign Libra and Jupiter in Cancer in its sign of exaltation at the 10th house. Now I will discuss some of the astrological combination which I have observed on the horoscopes of persons engaged in religious or spiritual practices. Now I will discuss some cases of the persons whom I have personally known to be involve in spiritual practices.

In his Rashi chart the conjunction of four planets Sun,Mercury,Venus and Jupiter is a classical yoga for renunciation. In this yoga planets are not combust with Sun which is good. Moon is in the Dreshkkan of Saturn and receives the aspect of Saturn which is also a Sanyasa yoga. The 5 th and 10 th lord Mars in the Sarpa Drekkana is also good for spiritual inclination.

Spiritual Illumination and Jupiter Dasa(Part 1)

The concentration of four planets in the 2 nd house of wealth and an exalted lagna lord in the 11 th house of gains amply explain his birth in a rich family. He himself started doing business at a very young age of just 18 years. For many days he was kept crying and become desperate to know the purpose of his life. He went to the Ashram of OSHO in Pune sometimes in the mid of which was about six months after the soul of Osho had left this world. The dasha of Rahu placed in the 9 th house and later the maha dasha of Jupiter from June to June enhanced his spiritual journey.

Now notice here that in Bhava Chalit the 2 nd lord Sun has moved into the ascendant joining the 10 th and 5 th lord yogakaraka Mars. He is at present teaching meditation to people in USA through classes conducted at his sprawling home near New York.

Spiritual Illumination and Jupiter Dasa(Part 1) - Vedic Astrology Blog

The 10 th lord Mars in the ascendant also gave him earnings from real estate in the USA and also from India. The native has his views about living his life by responding to the present moment and trying to remain conscious with every action he performs.

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The Aquarius lagna horoscope given here is of a retired class I officer who is into spiritual practices since his childhood. The rising sign in the ascendant is Aquarius a rashi of Dharma fortified by strong Jupiter.

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The lagna lord Saturn is in Leo a sign of Bhramacharya. Venus here receives the aspect of Jupiter in Rashi chart and in Navamsha it is conjoined with Jupiter which gave him great knowledge of spiritual texts. In the maha dasha of Sun from June to June he got a government job in and later got married on 29 th of January during Sun-Jupiter dasha.

Saturn is in the 7 th house of Rashi chart which would have delayed his marriage but in Bhava Chalit it has moved into the 8 th house and Mercury has come in the 7 th house. A benefic coming in the 7 th house in Bhava Chalit shows mental inclination towards leading a happy married life. Though the malefic planets in the 6 th , 7 th and 8 th houses of Rashi chart gave him problems with his in-laws and also kept his wife ill.

The maha dasha of Moon June to June was the best period of his spiritual life. He met many Saints while travelling during his postings into different cities.


Moon is in the sign of Jupiter in the Kemadruma yoga. In Navamsha the Moon is the 9 th lord in mutual aspect with Saturn which has to be good for spiritual progress.

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  • If Ketu is in 12th from AK in D-9, the person will get moksha through efforts. It has to be seen whether there is a parivartana of AK in D-9 because in case of parivartana the results might be completely different. People having Lagna as 12th from AK in D-9 are inherently spiritual. Further, presence of Mars in lagna and presence of Ketu in one of the moksha trikona 4th, 8th and 12th house in D-9 shows that a person would be spiritual. Ishta Devta:. There are several theories regarding finding the Ishta Devta from a horoscope.

    He cites the example of chart of Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa. As per the thumb rule of 12th from AK in D-9 his Isht Devta should be Rama but it is a well known fact that Paramhansa was a great worshipper of kali. The calculations about Isht Devta are not clearly discernable from ancient texts including the Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra. It is very important to see the Vimsamsa D chart as well.

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    Modern researchers such as Sh. As per Phaladeepika astrologers should have some inherent qualities in them or should follow some special practices which make them a good astrologer. In Horoscope your ascendant, 5th house, 8th house 9th house,10th house and 12th house plays an important part and above-mentioned planets should be involved with them. In division charts Navamsha should also have combinations mentioned above, Navamsha is your sokshama kundali micro birth horoscope hence every aspect if life can be judged from Navamsha. Involvement of Ketu with Mercury and connection between 1st,5th, and the 9th house makes a person astrologer.

    N Rao.